Land-FX offers 777% Challenge Bonus for New and Existing clients.
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777% Challenge Bonus

Period Dec 1st 2015 00:00 ~ Onwards (Land-FX Server time, GMT-5)
Applicant 777% Challenge Bonus
Bonus Challenge bonus from 5% to 777%
Minimum deposit US $ 300
How to Request Bonus Upon Request

Land Prime Limited (“Land-FX”) launches a new 777% Challenge Bonus promotion (Bonus). All qualified clients (“client”) will have chance to enjoy Bonus which will be funded into client's trading account when fully met Terms and Conditions. (T∓C)

Terms & Conditions

  1. 1. Promotion period: Dec 1st 2015 00:00 ~ Onwards (Land-FX Server time, GMT-5)
  2. 2. When client made initial deposits minimum USD 300 to trading accounts, client will be eligible to receive Bonus if fully met following phrase 3.
  3. 3. Bonus Claim Condition and Processes
  4. 3.1 Successfully closed Trading lots (Trading Lots) requirement for Bonus would be based on below Formula which should be set in advance via Land-FX Portal (“Portal”)
  5. Required Trading Lots Formula
  6. Required Trading Lots = Equity * Requested Bonus % * 40%
  7. E,g 1) Equity: $1,000, Requested Bonus: 20% (200 USD)
  8. $1,000 * 20% * 40% = 80 Lots
  9. E,g 2) Equity: $1,000, Requested Bonus: 5% (50 USD)
  10. $1,000 * 5% * 40% = 20 Lots
  11. 3.2 If successfully met above criteria, client will be eligible to claim Bonus which will be funded in trading account balance. Client should claim via Portal by him/herself
  12. 3.3 Client can withdraw Bonus once added in trading account
  13. 3.4 Client can claim multiple times up to 777% of total deposit amount
  14. 3.5 When client resets claimable Bonus amount via portal, all Trading lots which were executed before reset will be voided.
  15. 3.6 Trading lots which were closed before request of bonus via Portal will not be counted as an effective Trading lots.
  16. 3.7 Bonus request range would be 5% to 777% of Equity
  17. 4. Client should claim Bonus via Portal only. There is no notification for achievement of conditions and all Trading Lots executed after achievement will not be transferred to next request.
  18. 5. Additional accounts will be eligible for Bonus regardless of number of accounts.
  19. 6. Upon end of promotion, within thirty (30) calendar days, client who participated in Bonus program can claim Bonus if criteria was met. If not met within (30) calendar days upon end of promotion, client cannot claim Bonus
  20. 7. Even though client requests Bonus for additional accounts, existing accounts promotion will not be canceled
  21. 8. General Conditions
  22. 8.1 The trading volumes are not accumulable or compatible among the accounts held by the same client.
  23. 8.2 Land-FX is authorized to disqualify any participant in the promotion who intends to abuse or violate the promotion terms and conditions, and further reserves the right to amend or terminate this promotion at any time. Any amendment or termination of the promotion will be subjected to notifications from Land-FX.
  24. 8.3 If Land-FX suspects or has reason to believe that client is set under 8.2 cases, Land-FX is entitled as its sole discretion to:
  25. 8.3.1 Deny, withhold or withdraw deposits from client’s account(s) and/or from any other account(s) related to such client’s account
  26. 8.3.2 Withhold, cancel and subtract from client’s account(s) and/or from any other account(s) related to such client’s account
  27. 8.3.3 Offset any resulting of profits/losses from related account(s)
  28. 8.3.4 Terminate client’s any services and contracts provided by Land-FX
  29. 8.3.5 Block client’s account(s) by maintaining minimum regulatory requirements
  30. 8.3.6 Cancel profits, Introducing Broker (IB) commissions
  31. 8.4 Land-FX reserves the right of final interpretation of this promotion.
  32. 8.5 Qualified client is Indonesia, Malaysia PLE holder
  33. 9. This Terms & Conditions will be effective from 1st Dec 2015 GMT-5

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